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AZ Concealed Weapons Permit class for the Summer, you can create your own CWP class Monday thru Saturday.  All you need to to do is call us with the date you would like and have at least one other person to come with you.  Pay for the class at the time you schedule it and we will meet your time and day the best we can.

If you put together a group of 10 people, all the participates get the class for $70 instead of the normal $80 per person.

Ask about "The Rewards program" !

Remember we will be closed on Saturday and Monday the 2nd and 4th of July 2022

We consider ourselves to be a "Value Added Retailer".  And we welcome all to come and see what that means...

See our Definition of CUSTOMER SERVICE on our Shopping & Service page!

We are located at:
638 North Main Street Suite B
Taylor, AZ   85939
Behind Little Ceaser's Pizza

(928) 536-3555

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Updated 6/18/2022

Ask about our Customer Rewards Program

Make sure we have your Name and Phone on each purchase you make in the store to credit your purchases for the Rewards Program.


We are open and working hard to keep our shelves stocked with as much as we can under our Nations current conditions.  We will continue to work to keep our store a safe and clean place to come. 

 Always, if your feeling sick, we recommend you stay at home and get better!  

The World Supply Chain is getting better all the time, but it is a slow process as everyone already knows..  We promise to continue to do our best for you!

While we have been a Henry Dealer for years, we We have now qualified as "GOLD" Dealer!

We have started our second calendar year in our new location in Taylor, AZ.  In the Silver Creek Shopping center on Main Street.  On the South end of the Plaza, on the end behind the Little Ceaser's Pizza.

We Love all our new customers and those that have allowed us to serve them.  Especially to those that shared the word with all their friends and family.  We continue to see lots of support from the community and we are looking forward to providing top notch service to all our new friends in this community....

SharpShooters is a home town, Mom and Pop, gun store with personalized service to our customers.  A true "Value Added Reseller".  We try to stock about 400 firearms of every make and model we can get our hands on (and can afford).  We try to stock those items most interesting and desirable to our customers and our customer base is continually growing.  We have a good variety of handguns, long guns (including muzzle loaders) and reloading supplies as well as what many call the BEST ammo inventory.

Many people come to our store to make their final purchase after looking at all that is offered by the big box stores and discount stores and are then happy that they have gotten the best deal.  Some of our customers no longer waste any time going any place else and have come to know that they will be treated right and honestly all the time.  We may not have the purchasing power of the big stores, but we also don't have their overhead or "take a number" attitude.  We have the support of 2 highly trained in-house gun smiths who can do just about anything needed to satisfy your gun repair, restoration, or customizing needs.  And we stand behind all our work...

Disabled, U.S. Navy Veteran,
& US Air Force Veteran, Owned and Operated
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